Advent, the preparation for the coming of Jesus the Christ. Many churches set aside the four Sundays prior to Christmas to prepare for the celebration of the birth of our Savior. This year we have developed a series to enhance our journey to the manger which will look at Mary and Joseph’s strange but familiar path to parenthood, “Shaped by our journey toward the Star.”


Nov 29th, 1st Sunday of Advent, Shame. Shame goes back to the Garden of Eden and the reason the first couple first put on clothes. It is something Mary and Joseph had to deal with because of the miraculous gift of God inside her. How does your shame impact your movements with your Savior?


Dec 6th, 2nd Sunday of Advent, Go. Mary and Joseph pack their bags and go. First they travel to Bethlehem, and then to Egypt. The first leg of their trip is practical and out of legal obligation. The unplanned second leg is God directed. Both take them away from family. When do we go and when do we stay while following the light of Jesus?


Dec 13th, 3rd Sunday of Advent, Grow. A God with you journey is never primarily about getting there, it is about shaping you along the way, preparing you for what is after the destination. How were Mary and Joseph shaped by their journey and how can we be shaped by ours?


Dec 20th, 4th Sunday of Advent, Return. Mary and Joseph go back to where they started with people they know and who think they know them. Your journey’s growth is tested by those who think they know you well. May Mary and Joseph inspire us to stay the course, even while firmly planted at home.