Four Weeks For Doing 2015
May 17th – June 7th
This year Four Weeks For Doing is going to be structured a bit differently. We want you to serve where your passion lies! So this year you are going to help pick what we do. In the past there has been previously selected service project from which you could choose. This year as in the past there will be group service projects available as well as a final service project, but there will also be small suggestions of projects you can do easily throughout your weekly lives.
What does this mean? With our busy lives we can’t always commit to service of others, but Jesus made it clear in His teachings that service and compassion for others is an important part of our walk. Faith Fellowship’s continual journey towards being an outwardly focused by supporting our surrounding community is an important in step for our congregation. Please be in prayer and mindful when contemplating your passions and how we can support our community.
Over the next several weeks we will be getting ready for the start of 4 Weeks by asking for your help. We will be asking three different people to lead three different service projects for the first three weeks of 4 Weeks. Please consider how God may be leading you to lead a project. In the coming weeks, watch for a list of volunteer opportunities and ministry ideas for individuals, families or groups from which you can choose. You will also receive an additional list of ideas that are quick, easy ways to help the greater community around us with very little effort. Four Weeks For Doing will end with a community dinner.
Like years past, participate where you feel led, by choosing the weeks you will serve. Whether it is leading one of the weeks, participating in one or all of the weeks, or choosing one of the small service opportunities you can do throughout your week, I urge you to challenge yourself and prayerfully consider how you will serve.
Lastly however you choose to serve, either in a group, as an individual, or on the big event, we want to hear or see it from your point of view. So please email, text, call, mail, or face to face let us know what you are up to. You can email the church office at f.fellowship@frontier.com. I will also have a place in the church foyer for you to share your experiences.
More information will be coming as we get closer to the first official week. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to lead one of the three service projects.

New Growth Group Study:
The next Growth Group Session begins the week of May 17 and will run for six weeks. The study is titled You Lost Me by David Kinnaman. You Lost Me, is a look at the next generation commonly known as the Millennials and how they often view the church. Each week we will view a DVD along with a Discussion Guide and hear from the voices of several young adults who desire to be a part of a faith community, but find it difficult to connect.

Here’s a look at the topics that will be covered,
1. Overprotective
2. Shallow
3. Antiscience
4. Repressive
5. Exclusive
6. Doubless

Currently there are two groups meeting on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. If you would like to join a group, but neither of these times work, email the church office.

Sunday Worship:
Join us for worship this Sunday at 10am.